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Cost of healthcare has been rising at a rate much faster than the inflation rate. Research shows that about 100,000 deaths and about 1,000,000 injuries are taking place due to lack of robust standard healthcare and medical practices. The healthcare crisis is at the level of national crisis with over 40,000,000 millions people without health insurance.  

What should be done? May be Six Sigma, Lean, and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), and Risk Management techniques used by many Fortune 500 can be utilized to solve the healthcare crisis! Some of the healthcare delivery organizations are in fact already using it.

Our brochure provides a description of our healthcare service portfolio.  These services, we believe, would help healthcare providing organizations to create the next generation of healthcare delivery and performance.

 Healthcare crisis needs a multifaceted approach. This crisis of cost and quality   can be addressed by taking a step towards creating high velocity robust processes, eliminating clinical and diagnostic errors, eliminating redundant efforts, and improving asset - physician, nurses, equipments, and facilities - utilization. An example of the type of projects that could be undertaken are:

  • order to administration time,
  • bed utilization ,
  • wait time,
  • revenue cycle,
  • sample (blood, tissue, etc.) contamination, 
  • right medicine to right person at the right time by the right method,
  • diagnostics (MRI, X-Ray, etc) facility utilization, 
  • reducing the medicine inventory and medicine waste,
  • nurses time utilized for patient care versus administrative work,
  • re-imbursement rate, 
  • infection rate, 
  • non-essential emergency care, etc.

We have experience in healthcare process engineering, Six Sigma, Lean, as well as business strategy.  We can work with you to develop business metrics, deploy Six Sigma and Lean, as well as coach and mentor to ensure timely robust results.  We also bring unique experience of Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) to create highly productive processes.

Contact healthcare@BIPROinc.com to discuss what we can do for you.

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